bewuste groei in mens en organisatie

Marjorie Pennings

Since 2002 I have been coaching and training many professionals and managers, in Banking, Consultancy and Not for Profit Organizations. My career started in Ernst & Young/van der Giessen, Recruitment & Assessment services and ABN AMRO Bank, as recruiter and HR-Advisor in the Investment Banking departments. Over the years I have formed close working partnerships with De Baak and MGI-Coaching (Coaching and Training) and LTP (Assessment Centers), and I am a Partner at Van Ede & Partners, Outplacement and Career Counseling.

With 20 years of experience, I have a sharp analytical eye in HR consultancy, competence management; and well developed skills to help people find their strengths, potential and passions in life. Trained as an organizational psychologist, I hold a Master’s Degree from Groningen University. She has trained as a Body-Mind therapist, and is a certified Mindfulness Teacher. I am using the teachings on Celtic Nature Tradition and the wisdom of the Diamond Approach (AH Almaas) to create a holistic experience in her coaching. Thus offering my experience and wisdom in an integrated approach which combines heart and mind, creativity and rationality; and also includes hands-on exercises with meditation and visualization. She has extensive experience in meditation, mindfulness and consciousness development.

 “My sources of inspiration are ancient cultures, dance, photography and arts. And I see nature and the Celtic esoteric tradition as a wealth of wisdom and creativity for me”