bewuste groei in mens en organisatie

Welcome to the site of Spirit in Work.

‘Spirit in Work’ offers coaching and career counseling to people who want to work on their personal and professional development. Marjorie Pennings founded Spirit in Work in 2002, to facilitate professionals and managers to fulfill their potential and enhance the quality of their work-life. This work is also designed to support those who are confronted with substantial changes and challenges in their life.

As an independent organizational psychologist it is my passion to help people discover their strengths and their true nature. In my coaching I focus on ways to help clients tap into the wealth of resources, abilities and creativity, I believe everybody has, to achieve the goals and dreams they desire. My objective is to help you find more meaning, inspiration and ‘spirit’ in your work.

An experienced recruiter and assessment consultant since 1989, I have advised people from a large variety of international companies and organizations about selection, personal and leadership development. My clients are drawn from many different professions and nationalities, and my assessment centers are designed to provide a powerful development experience; offering individuals a clear insight into their skills, their aspirations for the future and their potential for growth.

“I find that most of my clients would like to focus on:

  • Improving personal impact and self-confidence
  • Maintaining essential work-life balance  
  • Handling stress and prevention of burn-out  
  • Discovering the power of balance and inner peace  
  • Finding new spirit and direction in their career”  

I am also offering workshops and short retreats for those who want to develop a more authentic, conscious and empowered way of being. The profound wisdom of nature, the elements and the rhythm of the seasons form the foundation of this work. “I see nature as a powerful mirror and mentor for personal and spiritual growth”. 

“I learned tremendously from Marjorie regarding myself and how to solve and approach issues. Once I learned what my values are and what ticked me off, I have a much easier time to deal with my staff members and issues at the office” I.van B. US Tax Director, PWC